Six Tendrils
Six Paths
Six Beginnings
One Fate
A Wanderer. A Dispossessed. A Learner. A Protector. A Leader. A Believer.
Red Harbingers will herald them. They will be hunted.
When the red giver of life falls from the sky, they alone will stand against The Devourer. They alone can stem the tide of insanity and bring calm or calamity.
As they fail, so too does the world. As they succeed, so too does existence.
Fate is in their hands. Doom is on their souls. Life and Death is their Destiny.

-Sage-Maester Rookwilde, ca. 1756

These were the words that brought together the greatest heroes of an age.

The Guardian Brotherhood.

It has been ten years since the Guardian Brotherhood saved the world from the threat of the Devourer. They have all moved on and gone their seperate ways, seeking out their destinies. Now, however, the city of Westfall has reunited them one more time for a parade in their honor.

Surely, nothing will go wrong for one afternoon…

This campaign setting follows the adventures of the Heroes of Westfall, The Guardian Brotherhood and a new group of heroes still trying to find their identity. We meet one night a week for a few hours for one group and once every other week for a few hours for the other group, so the game is very action-oriented. In fact, the biggest reason I’ve set up this wiki is to give my players a place to go for more information on the things they’ve done or the things they are doing. It is a place I can make the story of the game seem a little deeper for them, if they feel like they aren’t getting enough at the table each Tuesday night.

For everyone else, just pretend all this information is perfectly communicated between myself and my players every time we get together and that this campaign has gone off perfectly with nothing wrong ever.

I have some information on the characters they’ve met and the locations they’ve gone. My campaign is a blend of original material supplemented with sourcebooks when I need some quick inspiration. It is by far the longest I’ve ever DMed a game, and I’m hoping it is just a springboard for many more adventures in the future.

Also, this is very much a work in progress, so please be patient. I’m tempted to put up one of those Geocities style Under Construction .gifs, but that would be tacky.

The Heroes of Westfall

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