The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - Chamber of Unlife

Where the Guardian Brotherhood Were Overwhelmed

Behind Enemy Lines

With four of the five labyrinth coins in hand, the Guardian Brotherhood stepped through the portal at the bottom of the emptied pool, and found themselves surrounded by dozens of undead skeletons made of strange, mismatched bones. The skeletons wasted no time in attacking the heroes, and they found themselves in a fight for their lives.

Ibaka killed the nearest skeleton to him, only to see it returned to the battlefield just a few seconds later in the recreation circle on the other side of the bridge, which was suspended precariously above a dangerous current of electricity. Clearly the circle was the key to this room, but before they could do anything about it, they would need to identify it.

Cherith and Boswell slowly made their way through the room with the protection of the rest of the group, and as they got closer and closer they saw they would need to decipher the runes etched into the floor to learn the power word to turn off the circle. It would be difficult, with the undead constantly respawning in the circle they were trying to deactivate, but they were students of the arcane, they couldn’t fail too badly, could they?

Perhaps it was the stress of combat, or perhaps it was a testament to the complicated algebra required to create the runes, but the wizard and the bard had more than a difficult time deciphering them, and the Guardian Brotherhood quickly found themselves out of healing and in dire need of an escape.

They circled the wagons and headed back across the bridge to the teleportation circle, narrowly escaping the horde of undead, and rested and regrouped. Knowing the layout of the room and the goal at hand, they were able to come up with a sound strategy to deal with the undead and the terrain, and this time Boswell was ready for the magic circle, and was able to deactivate it with no problems.

They located the last of the five coins and looted the room (finding four astral diamonds in the process), and headed back out into the maze. They wandered for another hour before being confronted by a hungry Osyluth, who teleported one too many times and found himself on the wrong end of Pilindor’s bow and Boswell’s staff.



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