The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - The Champion of Baphomet

Where Ibaka Proved His Worth

The Guardian Brotherhood had all five of the coins from Ibaka’s dream, and they were ready to finish their quest in the Labyrinth of Baphomet. They headed back to the entry hallway where they found three servants of Baphomet waiting for them. Cherith did his best to charm the minotaurs, and they explained to Ibaka that there was one final test to prove he was worthy to save his people, and it was behind the door they had seen sealed up when they first entered.

They used the coins, and entered the final chamber.

As soon as they entered the room and crossed the seal of Baphomet on the floor, an aspect of the demon appeared before them. It recognized Ibaka immediately, and told the barbarian tat he could only take his power after he proved he was worthy of it, and then attacked the heroes. Unfortunately for Baphomet, he underestimated the power of the Brotherhood, and while Cherith and Boswell held the aspect at bay, Ibaka and Bharhash tore their way through the minions.

Their enemies were tough, but the Guardian Brotherhood was able to defeat them handily, and as promised, the power of the Champion of Baphomet passed on to Ibaka. He would now be able to save his people from extinction.

The Guardian Brotherhood traveled back across the desert to Bloodsand Arena, where Nix was in the middle of a fight with a huge bulette. When the heroes approached him, he laughed, confident they wouldn’t be able to hurt him, but with one swing of his hammer, Ibaka was able to break the protective spell around the huge gnoll and the rout was on. The gnolls began to leave as the Brotherhood took down their leader and the final blow was dealt when they traveled back to Ibaka’s hometown and defeated his uncle Kassador.



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