The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - The Wrathwood

Where Nature Struck Back

After returning to Westfall from their trip to the Great Desert, the Guardian Brotherhood took a bit of time to rest and relax – and sell off their loot.

They found a buyer (named Taris) in the Upper Block who made them a deal for two of their Astral Diamonds, and they used the money to acquire some new gear. They soon got bored of waiting around, and went looking for some action. They first tried the Guard Tower, where they met Hashsaik, who in turn told them that the leader of the Foresters, Birian Iliador had been looking for Pilindor. They made their way to the Forester’s Lodge outside the city proper to find out what it was that the Foresters needed.

When they arrived, Birian told them of a mysterious series of letters they had recieved, written magically, threatening to release a plague in Westfall if the citizens did not stop impinging on the territory of the writer. A few weeks after the first letter came, the Foresters lost contact with their base in the Wrathwood, where they were concocting several different possible counters to any kind of natural plague, and Birian was afraid to send any more of his men to the fort. He needed the help of Pilindor and his companions.

They agreed, to help the city, and made the short trek to the base. When they arrived, they found it overgrown with unnaturally fast-grown vegetation and overrun by a pack of wilden. Pilindor was able to make contact with one of them, and seemed to be making some progress before a voice-like spell effect wafted up from below the base and caused the wilden to attack the Brotherhood. The heroes fought off the wilden and a huge treant that came to their aid, and were left with the decision of what to do next.



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