The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - The Underdark

Where the Heroes Delved into the Earth

The Guardian Brotherhood finished off the Wilden that had overrun the Foresters’ base in the Wrathwood and were left with a few options: return and report what they had found or go deeper into the hole in the floor to see what else they could uncover. Being heroes, they opted for the latter.

They carefully proceeded by first dropping a lit rock down the hole. When it landed they heard the hushed chitterings of more wilden and several torches lit up inside the hole. They waited for the spell to go out, and then dove into it.

Bharhash, Sid, and Ibaka landed first and were quickly surrounded by the wilden. And shortly after they got their bearings, they saw more foes in the distance: another poisoned treant and a drow. The drow cloaked himself in darkness and used its concealing powers to make the ensuing battle as difficult as possible for the Brotherhood.

It was not easy, but the heroes defeated the drow and his minions and were left to ponder what to do next.



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