The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - Quor'toth

Where the Heroes Might Have Made Some Allies

The Guardian Brotherhood, after finishing their underground battle against the drow mage and his minions, took a few minutes to rest before plunging further into the darkness.

The twisting tunnels of the Underdark were difficult to navigate, however, and as Pilindor attempted to lead them by following a faint set of footprints, they ran into more than one challenging encounter.

The first involved a pair of cyclops guards that, as Sid learned when he attempted to charge them, were in turn guarded by a devious roper. Cherith, Pilindor and Boswell stood back and fired from a distance while Sid and Bharhash took the physical brunt of the attack. But after a few minutes, they wore down their enemies, and attempted to regain the trail Pilindor had been following.

Unfortunately, they found four trails.

One had the footprints of drow and some sort of insect. They chose not to follow that trail.

The next had drow footprints alone. When they followed that path, it led them to the underground city of Quor’toth, which they admired from afar before deciding to try something a bit more realistic first.

The next had the footprints of the wilden they fought above ground. When they followed this path, it led them to a small mushroom grove that was being guarded by the fey creatures. They were not under the influence of the drow, as the ones above ground had been, and told the Brotherhood of the experiments the drow had been doing and where they could find some of them – up the last path they hadn’t taken yet.

They followed the final path, which had drow and cyclops footprints, and found another small cavern filled with mushrooms and a small drow hut. This cavern was guarded by two more cyclops and another treant from above. The heroes engaged in combat, and about halfway through another wave of drow emerged from the hut and attacked. It was not an easy battle, but the Brotherhood was victorious and took a moment to recover before investigating the hut any closer.



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