The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - The Trials of Lolth

Where the heroes made a trip to Sigil

The Guardian Brotherhood searched the Drow hut, finding several interesting items hinting at a way to achieve their goal of stopping the plague from spreading to Westfall. There were several small wooden rack holding color-coded potions of all different kinds, and using some of the books neatly organized on the shelves Cherith was able to identify about two-thirds of them as deadly poisons of all kinds, and the rest as alchemical mixtures of those poisons. Unfortunately, there appeared to be one missing vial, and a note hidden on the body of the Drow they had just defeated hinted that it might have already been delivered to someone named Xilan in the city of Quor’toth.

The heroes needed to get into the Drow city and investigate without rousing suspicions. Their solution was to travel to the extraplanar city of Sigil and see what kinds of magical disguises they could find.

Traveling to the City of Doors was relatively easy, and once there, despite initially being a bit overwhelmed by all that was going on there, they were able to locate an Icesoul Genasi named Niven who agreed to get to work on trying to identify the poisons and work up some antidotes to them. They also found a set of hats of disguise, which helped them all look like Drow.

They headed back to the underground city, and made their way in (after having to talk to the guards, which was awkward when they asked their names).

A little bit of searching and asking around led them to the temple of Lolth in the middle of the city and to a bar called X’drika (a drow pun, which played on the common words for vial and vile). What they learned was that Xilan (the high priestess of Lolth for the city) was searching for couriers for some very important task, and no one who had gone to try for the job was successful. It took little diplomacy to talk one of the priestesses in the temple to let the heroes “try out” for the courier job as a means to learning what plans Xilan was cooking up.

The next morning, they were ferried across an underground lake to a cavern filled with spiderwebs. They burned their way through them into a chamber beyond and after a brief skirmish with some of the cave’s arachnid inhabitants, they prepared to head on into the darkness.



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