The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - Facing the Giants

Where the Heroes Made Some Big Enemies

Rage Drake

After fighting their way through the first chamber in the trials, the Guardian Brotherhood climbed and scrambled their way through a twisting corridor to the next.

What they found in the next was both awe inspiring and disgusting. Two platforms, one on each side of the room, were connected by a long, narrow bridge. The bridge was flanked by six enormous demonwebs, spun by some gigantic unseen arachnid, and was completely coated with a thick layer of swarming spiders. Millions of eight-legged creepers made the bridge and walls of the cavern look like it was made of living rock of some sort. Taking a deep breath, Sid stepped out onto the bridge to cross over it.

He was immediately swarmed by the spiders, slowing his movement. This began an encounter between the Guardian Brotherhood and several large swarms of demonweb spiders.

If this wasn’t enough, halfway through the combat, a trio of giants burst through the other entrance to the room and began gesturing towards the heroes (who were still disguised as drow to keep up appearances). The heroes chose to defend themselves from the new challengers, and made fairly quick work of the giants.

Afterward, the made their way through the next corridor to a large chamber dedicated to Lolth, which was occupied by several more of the giants, with a rage drake guard and a leader with a magical throwing rock.

After failing to lure the giants out into the hallway, the Guardian Brotherhood instead ran into the room and used their superior tactics to get the giants where they wanted them, and slowly whittled them down, one by one, until the leader was defeated and the rest ran off in defeat.

They were left in the chamber of Lolth with a dead giant leader. What will they do next?



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