The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - Saving Westfall

Where the Guardian Brotherhood Were Heroes Again

Sewers of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood went shopping in Sigil before returning to Westfall to stop the followers of Lolth from poisoning the water system. However, before they were finished there, they had an unexpected encounter with a group of slaads.

The slaads, led by a large Void Slaad, attacked a market in Sigil. The Guardian Brotherhood attacked them, quickly learning how dangerous foes in the extradimensional city can be. They won the day, however, when the Void Slaad was killed and sucked his followers along with him into the void.

They then returned to Westfall.

They left the real vial of poison with one of their contacts in Logrun, and made their way to the city. They looked down into the sewers to survey their enemies, and found the Drow priestess surrounded by minions and two enormous Driders.

Like planned, they approached and handed off the fake box, and waited for her to attempt to open it. Boswell’s Blood Pulse went off, killing one drow and severely injuring the priestess. The fight was not easy, but the Guardian Brotherhood were able to cut through the darkness created by the dark elves and prevent them from harming anyone in the city.

It was a great day for the heores, and for those they saved.

What next adventure awaits the Guardian Brotherhood?



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