Water Archon, Former Soldier of Omnos


As a Water Archon, Belaron seems to be made out of living water. Though not exactly true, Belaron is fine with this explanation when dealing with mortals. He still wears the armor he was given during his service in the Dawn War and carries a triton for a weapon – mostly to give mortals something to focus on during interaction, as they seem to get confused when he is seen in his pure water form.


Once a great warrior during the Dawn War, Belaron now lives in the sewers underneath the Dwarven necropolis Hammerfast.

During the Dawn War, the primordial Omnos deemed Belaron one of his five greatest warriors. Along with the other four archons (one of fire, one of ice, one of earth, one of wind), Belaron was dispatched to do jobs that required a certain skill and subtlety that could not be expected from most of Omnos’ soldiers. Originally, Belaron thrived in this job, but over the course of time, he came to realize that the things he was being ordered to do were not only savage, but brutal. Belaron turned his back on his duty. He abandoned his comrades and his master and exiled himself. However, he kept a close eye on the things done by his old friends.

After the Dawn War was over, and the gods had won, Belaron was relieved. He could never rejoin the rest of his kind, but he was glad to see the evil deeds of Omnos repaid and his master sent to the astral prison holding many primordials from the war. He traveled the world and watched how things changed. He enjoyed seeing the races of the world discover and learn and invent, but he carried a great burden for the things he had done and wanted badly to find a way to make restitution.

His opportunity came when Krevak Hammerdoom of Hammerfast made contact with his old allies. Hammerdoom wanted their power for himself, and Belaron – now too weak to fight on his own – knew this was his chance to do some good. He visited the soothsayer Helka and had her summon the The Guardian Brotherhood to Hammerfast to stop Krevak and his plans.

Once the deed was done, and the Guardian Brotherhood was successful, Belaron knew he was finally able to forgive himself for his service under Omnos. He now lives in the rivers surrounding the Dwarven city, watching over its people.


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