Bharhash Flamebrow

Dragonborn Warlord/ Flamebrow Commander/ Exarch of Io


6’4” 260 lbs. Yellow-brown scales. Bharhash is tall, broad-shouldered, and covered with the scars of his many years of military service.


Bharhash served 10 years in the Watch of Westfall, protecting it from marauding gnolls, grassfires, and slumlords. Bharhash proved to be a capable leader and some members of the watch suspected he would surpass his father in greatness. However, one week after being given his first command of thirty soldiers, he was ordered to capture a rogue member of the Coven named Verin. After receiving reports that the wizard had set nigh-impenetrable traps around his tower but that Verin was almost finished with a ritual that would turn the Westfall cemetery into an undead nightmare, Bharhash ordered his men to assault the tower. Although Bharhash personally captured the necromancer and handed him over to the Coven, only three of his thirty soldiers remained. Because of his rash decision and disregard for the lives of his soldiers, Bharhash was stripped of his rank and discharged from the Watch.

Bharhash’s father was a great warrior and hero of the last war named Hashsaik. Hashsaik would spend much of his time adventuring with his own compatriots, but he would always manage to make it back to Westfall every couple months to tell his son of his exploits and drop off a hefty portion of the loot. This pattern went on for years, until one fateful summer when Hashsaik and his band left for the Vhel ruins deep in the Vast Swamp. Bharhash never heard from his father again, and even though a funeral was held, Bharhash never stopped believing that his father was still alive.

Five years had gone by.

Bharhash, once of the Guardian Brotherhood, now servant of the Raven Queen, had spent those years toiling under the ever watchful eye of his mistress. Leading her armies against abominable undead. Securing temples and crypts in her name. Never once did he question her orders, desperate for the knowledge she would soon impart on him. It had been five years, and it was time for Bharhash’s reward.

The dragonborn slowly and reverently climbed the large marble staircase in the main temple of her Darkness in the Shadowfell. His breath crystallized as he exhaled – it was always cold here. The scales on his arms puckered, trying desperately to keep as much warmth inside his body as possible.

At the top of the stairs was a statue of the Lady of Death, wings spread wide over a simple marble block. A purple and black cloth was draped over the block, with the symbol of the Raven Queen embroidered on it. Bharhash approached the alter, got on one knee and placed his wrists, palms upward, on top of the cloth. He took in a deep breath and waited.

Soon, a frigid wind blew through the temple. It hit Bharhash square in the lower back, nearly knocking his breath out of him. It swirled around the statue of the Raven Queen for several seconds before the eyes of the statue came to a deep-purple life. The chilling cold slowly filled up the warlord’s body as the presence of his mistress made itself known.

Bharhash Flamebrow. You have served me well for the five promised years. I have sworn to you the answer to any question you desire, but only one question. Ask wisely.

Bharhash slowly raised his chin to look into the blazing eyes of the statue. This was it. This was the key to his destiny. He took a deep breath and braced himself.

“How do I resurrect Io?”

It seemed simple to him. Maybe too simple. Would the Raven Queen be insulted? Would she deny his request, as he was asking to undo death – her own domain. He was sure he saw the eyes of the statue burn red for a second.

What you ask will not be easy, but is not impossible. You must reunite the scions of Io, and feed the still-beating heart of one to the other.

Immediately, the statue went lifeless again and Bharhash was left, wrists upright, alone in the Shadowfell. The presence of the Raven Queen was gone.


Bharhash Flamebrow

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