Birian Iliador

Male Elf Forester


Birian Iliador is an aging elf, and leader of the Foresters, the watchers of the roads around Westfall. He wears his Foresters uniform at all times, and keeps a longsword strapped to his side. He has long, grey-silver hair and scowls constantly, as if always angry.


Birian started as a young Forester after his father died. He needed something to keep his mind off his sadness, and he was eager to join their ranks and help travelers and the beasts that roamed the forests and plains around Westfall.

He was good at his job, and quickly rose through the ranks. He now serves as the leader of the group and has a seat on the city Council of Westfall where he tries his hardest to represent his men while maintaining an objective view of city matters.

He recently sent a group of heroes to clear out the Hearth Grove in the Wrathwood. He offered to pay them 250 gp each if they are able to make it safe for the druids again.

Birian Iliador

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