Goliath Cleric of Pelor


Boaz is an aging, yet still capable, goliath paladin. He wears the trappings of a priest of Pelor day to day.

His most notable feature is his strong speech impediment, which often misleads those who do not know him into thinking he is less than intelligent. On the contrary, Boaz is extremely aware and capable, though has slowed a step or two from when he was an adventurer.


Boaz fought in the war over thirty years ago, and played a significant role in the retrieval of the crown from the forces of evil. Since retiring, he has become the head priest at the temple of Pelor in Westfall, where he assissted the Guardian Brotherhood in healing the minotaur Tavros from the mysterious affliction that came over him while he was imprisoned by the Ha’Vak gnolls.


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