Boswell the Who

Human Wizard/ Archmage


A young girl ran along the coastline.

The sand was rocky under her feet; small, broken shells cut her soles. She ran with abandon, desperate for help.

She saw the tower up ahead, tottering in the wind. The Mage Tower of Safelast had been standing for untold years near her village, also called Safelast, but she had never made the long walk to it. She had always been told it was haunted. Or enchanted. Or some other excuse not to go near it. Even the adults were leery of its presence, and the adults of Safelast were more than used to danger, so far away from any other civilization.

Today, however, she had no other choice. Her village was under attack, and they needed help. In recent years, strange things had been happening near the Tower. Lights and fire were seen at odd hours of the night, and howls were heard all up and down the coast. Howls that sounded like the cries of enormous owls. It was more terrifying than ever.

But, there were rumors. Rumors that someone new had taken up residence in the Tower. If this were true, they would have to be poweful. And, if they were powerful, they were exactly what this young girl needed this night.

As she approached the Tower, she encountered a gate. It was old, and rusted out, but it help a pristine signpost. There was a single word on the signpost: Who.

How odd, the girl thought. But she shrugged and opened the creaky, rusty gate and made her way up the cobblstone path to the door. It was wide open, almost inviting. Written in scorched letters on the door was the same word: Who.

“H-hello?” The girl whispered. “Is anyone here?”


“My v-village is under attack. We need help.”

She heard a crackling sound. Like fire.



The second voice startled her greatly. She jumped at the sound and turned to face it.

There before her stood an aging man wearing wizards robes and carrying a staff that seemed to be made of fire. He smiled kindly at her.

“I will help you, dear. My name is Boswell.”

She stared for a moment before stammering out, “Who?”

He smiled back.


Boswell the Who

Boswell the Who

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