Male Kobold Druid


Drusy was a small, thin Kobold shifter with the penchant for turning himself into things he was not. He wore thick boar-hide armor and carried a long spear. Otherwise, as most of the denizens of Westfall were likely to say “all those kobolds look alike to me.”


Once a servant of the Thief-Dragon Ixva, Drusy was not present when their lair was invaded by the Guardian Brotherhood, who were looking for a prophecy that was stolen by their master from the Library of Ioun in Westfall many years ago. He returned to find his friends slaughtered and his master fled – none of which was particularly disturbing to the little kobold.

Instead, he sought out the Guardian Brotherhood in order to thank them for helping him escape a life of servitude to the dragon. During his search through Westfall, though, he caught on to something more sinister. He spotted several red-cloaked men wandering the town – sometimes on the same trail he was to find the Guardian Brotherhood.

When he did find them, he warned them of these others, and led them to the Rookwilde Estate, where they seemed to be meeting regularly. Along with their new ally, the Guardian Brotherhood snuck in and fought through a number of strange creatures, including darkmantles, a grell, and large creature they eventually identified as Balhanoth – a lesser entity of the Far Realm.

While Drusy was able to warn them, they lost Pilindor in the fight, who was dragged into the Shadowfell along with Balhanoth when the creature was killed. Drusy soon disappeared, and hasn’t been heard from since.


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