Erick Greenbough

Male Human Forester


Erick is a tall, strong human male with bright red hair and a thick beard to match. His eyes are as green as the cloak he wears over his shoulders, and he carries a sturdy bow made of ash. He has spent time both in the Watch and with the Foresters, and he still wears momentoes from his time with each. He carries a longsword with his family’s crest embedded on the cross-guard.


When the bandit attacks on the road outside the city increased, the Watch was forced to send more men outside the walls to protect the caravans. Inside the city, bandits and thieves took advantage of this, and started getting more and more bold. Erick Greenbough was one of their victims.

An ancient longsword, a family heirloom of his, was stolen from his home, and enraged, Erick decided to take it back by force. He put out an ad looking for adventurers to help him retrieve his weapon, and got four volunteers that he felt comfortable bringing along with him: Fargrimm Anvildoom the Dwarf warden, Anna the Bugbear rogue, Verdan the Wilden shaman, and Silence Undergrowth the human seeker.

Erick Greenbough

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