Gimblewig Fizzlebottle

Male Gnome Psion


Giblewig Fizzlebottle is a young (as gnomes render things, anyway) gnome psion, with the short brown, unruly hair and small thin stature so typical of his race. Gimble wields a magic staff and is equipped with a number of mismatched bits of clothing and accoutrements of a magical nature. His clothing is finely made, a bit ostentatious, and (to his mother’s chagrin) typically poorly mended and badly rumpled.


Though most gnomes, if they achieve such extraordinary powers at all, tend to gain their abilities through study of arcane magics or their close relation to the feywild, Gimble’s greatest strength comes from his preturnatural control of his own mind (as well as the minds of others). His boyhood tutor would often find Gimble alone staring at nothing and, upon being asked what in the world he was doing, Gimble would explain simply that he was “exploring.” Gimblewig is the heir to the considerable Fizzlebottle Brewing Company, the most famous of all Gnomish spirits manufacturers. Though many hoped Gimble would become the sion his family so craved, it became clear early on that his talents did not lie in the area of business. After a particularly disastrous advertising campaign aimed at attempting to win a new clientele in the local hill giant community, Gimblewig’s mother resolved to hire a team of managers and accountants to handle the family business, leaving Gimble in a (largely symbolic) advisory role.

From the very start, Gimblewig’s mother knew that her only child, the heir to the Fizzlebottle brewing empire, would be a trial. While he showed much early promise (he was handsome, charismatic, and had a mind like a razor) he never showed even an inkling of desire to take upon himself the responsibility his mother was so ready to bestow (she had Gimblewig late in life and was more than ready to pass along the onerous, yet immensiley fulfilling, job of directing the Fizzlebottle estate). Instead Gimblewig always showed an infuriating interest in that most foolhardy of occupations, adventure. As a child, little Gimble would listen with rapt attention to stories of foolish gnomes who brought disaster on their heads by seeking recognition, fame, and excitement and failing to understand the basic truth that, for a gnome, hiding means surviving. But instead of taking these parables as warnings, he seemed to take encouragement from them, asking ridiculous questions such as, when Nigby the Gnome was being chased by the troll, along with feeling panicked and foolish, might not he have also felt just the least bit exhilirated? Despite his mother’s best efforts, as soon as Gimblewig came of age, he insisted on spending most of his time abroad.As she attempted to entice him with pretty, eligable gnome girls and all the comforts and luxuries a fortune like theirs could provide, Gimblewig would simply smirk and declare, as if he were making some profound argument that rendered all her respectable ideas void, “Adventure, mother! Adventure!” Before Gimblewig departed for his latest outing, his mother declared in exasperation (as she had so often before) “Gimble, you will be the death of me!” to which Gimblewig gave his habitual reply, “I love you too, mother” before stepping out the door with a spring in his step.

Gimblewig quickly set out for Westfall in search of the famous (but not quite legendary) Guardian Brotherhood, but soon realized that he had left his favorite book “The Pathways of the Mind” by a the famous human psion Altair Bruilly, behind and sent one of his servants on a short trip home to retrieve it. Upon discovering that his book had been stolen in transit by the notorious Bandit King, Gimblewig was dismayed, angered, and (to be quite honest) entirely thrilled. He met the Guardian Brotherhood, that famous group of heroes from Westfall, as he was about to begin an ill-advised one man seige on the Bandit King’s forces. He immediately saw an opportunity to finagle his way into the company of these heroes he had so long admired. Since then, Gimble has almost died several times, fearlessly faced down several groups of murderous trolls, elemental monsters, and undead horrors, and he has been having the time of his life.

Gimblewig Fizzlebottle

Gimblewig Fizzlebottle

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