Male Elf Shopkeep


Harth is an average elf, by most indications. He has long brown hair, which he keeps braided and dark green eyes. He wears commoner clothing, though tends to accent it with leather he has tanned himself. He carries no weapons.


Harth is a survivor. He has few skills (he is a tanner by trade), but he is a survivor first and foremost.

Growing up, Harth faced many difficulties. His family found themselves stranded in a storm while traveling, he and his sister were attacked by an owlbear, and most recently the troll attacks on Lost Fort. But through it all, Harth has survived and has helped others do the same.

He set up a shelter in his basement during the troll raids and gave haven to many otherwise vulnerable people. Meanwhile, he organized scouting parties and rationed their consumables to the best of his ability. Even Harth has his limitations, though.

When the Guardian Brotherhood showed up, he was at the end of his rope. He was running out of supplies and wasn’t sure what to do next. When they offered to fight off the trolls, Harth was beyond grateful. He sheltered them for a night, and helped Ibaka nurse Bharhash when he came down sick. After they killed the troll witch in the Explorers’ Guild Hall, he sent a messenger to tell them of their discovery that the trolls had left by sea, and he wished them well on the rest of their journey.


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