Male Dragonborn, Leader of the Watch


Like his son, Hashsaik is covered in golden brown scales. He now proudly wears the armor of the Watch, and keeps his own longsword close at hand at all times. Now hobbled, he uses a strong crutch made of oak to compensate for his crippled right leg. His injury has done little to slow him down, however, and he has earned a lot of respect so far at his new position.


During the War, Hashsaik was a successful and highly respected general for the Nerath Empire.

Hailing from a small village far from Westfall, Hashsaik grew up poor, but happy. His father tilled the land and his mother educated he and his brother during the day. He never dreamed of doing anything more than farming, let alone leading armies into battle.

Eventually, the fighting even made it to their small corner of the world, and he and his brother took up arms against the marauding Gnolls. So impressive was he that he was immediately drafted to service for the Empire, and left his family behind. His parents were sad and proud, and he swore to come back after the fighting was done.

But he never did. He fathered a son, named Bharhash, and left for a campaign near the mountains, in the vast swamp. It was difficult fighting, and the lizardmen that knew the area so well had allied with the Gnolls. He struck a truce with some local bullywugs for help, but when the lizardfolk and their pet – a surly basilisk – attacked their camp the bullywugs fled and he and his men stood no chance. He was turned to stone, and presumed dead by everyone back in Westfall.

Strangely, the next thing Hashsaik saw was a familiar face – that of his now-grown son Bharhash. The adventures of the Guardian Brotherhood has led them into the swamp, and after defeating the basilisk, Bharhash had performed a ritual to turn his father back from his rock state. Unfortunately, his leg had been knocked off while he was petrified, and it would never grow back quite like it had been before.

Now only about four years older than his own son, Hashsaik returned to Westfall. During the attack on the city by Ulth’s forces, he joined Rosemary’s attempt to fight them back. Though she died in the fight, he survived and was rewarded with her old job – the leader of the Watch of Westfall.


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