Bharhash's Second-in-Command, bartender at the Mended Drum


Hodor is an average man in many ways. His stature allows him to go unnoticed in many different settings, which is advantageous for someone in his line of work. He has short brown hair and a little bit of stubble on his cheeks. His eyes are small and brown, and constantly watching things around him. He wears a sturdy set of chainmail and carries an old heirloom longsword at his side.


Hodor grew up in Westfall alongside the Dragonborn Bharhash. As they grew up it was clear they were destined to fight alongside each other in the watch. They did, and when Bharhash’s charge was taken away from him, Hodor also retired from active service.

He began working at a small bar in midtown called the Mended Drum. It was a boring life, but it was stable, and he did enjoy being around the people every night.

However, once the Defense of Westfall was over and Bharhash was putting together a new squad, Hodor was the first to sign up. He willingly accepted the role of second-in-command, and took charge of the fort in Flamebrow Harbor when Bharhash was called away to work with the Guardian Brotherhood again.


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