Ibaka, Champion of Baphomet

Male Minotaur Barbarian


Ibaka is a huge male minotaur standing almost 7’5’’ and wieghing almost 350 pounds. Going from the top to bottom, one horn is broken off as a result of an accident he had while fighting when he was younger. The helmet he is wearing is a helmet with rams horns and the ram horns are rolled around his natural horns, so it looks pretty freaking awesome. He is sporting a hide armour of deep mammoth fur. Around his arms he has bracers glowing with immence strength, and clawed gauntlets that make you not want to get him angry. And if you look closely you can spot the horseshoes under his hooves that make him look so agile on his feet.


Ibaka was a minotaur of nobilty. From the second of his birth he was the predestined leader of his Minotaur clan. After 17 years of waiting, his uncle, a minotaur named Kassador, framed Ibaka for the death of his own father. His uncle sent Ibaka to the Shadowfell, where he spent 6 long months narrowly escaping his death.

One night in the shadowfell he heard a racket coming from a graveyard across the city. As he hurriedly rushed to the scene he came upon the greatest adventurers of the century, The Guardian Brotherhood. The party looked at the minotaur in shock as he rushed into battle and delivered a severe blow to the head of the closest zombie that lurked. When the battle was concluded, the party allowed the young minotaur to be the newest member of the Guardian Brotherhood. Soon after his joining, the group found a way out of the Shadowfell and continued on their quest to defeat the Devourer.

Ibaka agreed to join on this quest, for he had no where else to go. For the next few months they traveled around Westfall and the surrounding areas to unlock the key to defeating this evil creature. After the battle at Westfall, the Brotherhood parted ways and sought after personal goals of theirs. For Ibaka, it was revenge. It had been almost a year since his departure from his home. The first thing he had to do was to find out exactly where it was. He remained in Westfall to gather supplies and get ready for this quest. After a month or so of being in Westfall he spent the next 6 months traveling the world in search of his mountainous tribal home. And when he found it, he wasted no time. He quickly found the men he trusted the most to spy on his uncle and plot out the best strategy. He eventually overthrew Kassador and banished him from the land for life. Ibaka remained there as the leader of his home and family for the next two years.

He was sent word that the Brotherhood was needed once more so when he heard this he put his cousin, Ganford, in charge of his people. He left the scene and returned to Westfall as the Brotherhood are back together and fighting evil as it welcomes them.


Ibaka, Champion of Baphomet

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