Ixva the Thief-Dragon

Green Dragon known for skills of thievery


For a Green Dragon of her age, Ixva was actually rather small. Her scales were a deep forest green, and she kept the horn on the tip of her nose particularly shiny, because she felt it made her much more fearsome. Her wings were pristine, as she didn’t tend to fly around as much as other dragons did. She was most often found staring at her horde of magic items and gold.


Never the best fighter, Ixva chose to grow her horde through a different means. She used her kobold underlings as thieves to sneak into villages and homes in the middle of the night and steal what they could, preferable magic things if they could. She herself was a rather accomplished thief, though with her growing size, it was harder and harder for her to do the actually sneaking and stealing.

As it turned out, her greatest steal was also her undoing. In a moment of bravado and brilliance, she was able to sneak into the library of Ioun and pilfer a chest full of scroll tubes, which she knew to be prophecies. She had long imagined how much these would be worth to her if she could open them and sell them, and she couldn’t resist taking them back to her horde.

Several years later, the city of Westfall would finally have someone to send after the scrolls, and the Guardian Brotherhood were sent to retrieve them.

Though Ixva escaped their first meeting, she was unable to let go of her anger at the heroes for stealing her horde and she duped a local scout and caravan guard named Greyson into leading them to her new lair, which was guarded by a group of nasty trolls. This time, they were able to finish her off, and the world was free from the threat of Ixva the Thief-Dragon.

Ixva the Thief-Dragon

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