Thri-Kreen Guide to Vor Rukoth


As all Thri-kreen do, Kilnik resembles a giant Mantis. With two powerful arms and two additional vestigial arms, he is able to cleverly manipulate objects and weapons in a graceful and confusing fashion to most mammals. His carapace is golden in coloration and he wears little to no clothing, as he has no external anatomy to conceal.


Kilnik grew up in the desert on the far side of the Blue Mountains from Westfall. His family were servants for a powerful desert warlord, who ravaged his territory for decades, before the war between the Nerath Empire and the Gnolls made its way into their lives.

The warlord was killed, but so were the rest of Kilnik’s family. In fact, he only escaped because of the efforts of a young human in the Nerathian army. The young soldier nursed him back to health and taught him to survive on his own. Kilnik proved to be a quick learner and soon was able to set out on his own.

He traveled for a long time, seeing many great things, before he made his way to the ruins of Vor Rukoth. These quickly became a challenge he hadn’t anticipated, and he joined any group that would have him along. He accumulated a lot of experience and treasure and eventually started using the expertise he had gained to make a profit off of newer, greener explorers to the area.

He would sell his services, traveling alongside adventurers as they explored the ruins, or he would sell maps that he had hand made. Either way, he earned a reputation as the best guide money could buy in Coyote’s Refuge, and he made a great living off of it.

Eventually, the Guardian Brotherhood made their way to Coyote’s Refuge in search of the temple of the Raven Queen in the catacombs below the city. Kilnik didn’t know who sent them his way, but even for someone with his experience, he was intrigued by their collective. He haggled a lower price out of them than he normally would have accepted, and they immediately headed into the ruins.


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