Krevak Hammerdoom

Dwarf Elementalist


Krevak Hammerdoom is the great, great grandson of the first leader of Hammerfast. Over a hundred years ago, his father (Drogan) uncovered a temple to a primordial named Omnos, and when Drogan opened the ancient doors he was overtaken by the residual power and infused with Omnos’ blessing. He welcomed the power, but the people of the city were afraid and no longer followed his orders. Angry, Drogan took his family and retreated to the temple to live. There were a handful of other dwarves that followed him, and over the last several decades they have been building a community of their own.

When Drogan died, the power was passed on to Krevak. The people at the temple still followed Krevak, and were even more pleased when he decided to reach back out to the people of Hammerfast. The people of Hammerfast, however, were less than thrilled to receive them. They resisted, and Krevak found that he shared his father’s anger issues. His followers, who were now infused with the power of the elements of fire and ice, became bullies. They were the biggest and the strongest around and the people of Hammerfast were unable to stand up to them.

The citizens of Hammerfast sent an envoy to Westfall for aid. It was ambushed on the way, but the lone survivor was able to reach the town and seek the aid he had been sent for. Westfall decided to send their greatest heroes – the Guardian Brotherhood.

The Guardian Brotherhood investigated and learned that in order to stop Krevak they would first have to dispatch two powerful elemental entities, whose power Krevak was using to infuse his soldiers with their fire and ice abilities. They climbed the nearby Forgepeak Mountain and killed the Ice devil above and the Magma beast below, rendering Krevak unable to create more elemetal minions.

They then stormed Krevak’s temple, taking out his elemental guards as well as the rest of his minions. Their final confrontation with Krevak was accompanied by the powers of the Archons of fire, ice, earth and wind that Krevak’s father had discovered. The Guardian Brotherhood eventually won the day, and freed Hammerfast from the terror of Krevak Hammerdoom and his men.

Krevak Hammerdoom

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