Liam & Liam's Brother

Twin Male Dwarf Brawlers, Giant's Feet Champions


Liam and Liam’s Brother are identical dwarf twins. They have the same bright red hair and bright green eyes and the temperament to match. They are fiery and competitive at everything they do. They prefer brawling with fists over weapons.


On any given night in Hammerfast, there is one definite place to go for entertainment, and that is the Foundation Stone in the Gate District where Liam and Liam’s Brother are most likely drinking, fighting, or both.

Rowdy young dwarves, Liam and Liam’s Brother seem to have no idea whether they love each other or hate each other. They constantly compete, whether its cards, drinking games, wrestling, or Giant’s Feet (their personal favorite). The only constant is the amusement they give to the other patrons of the Foundation Stone on a regular basis.

They both participated in Giant’s Feet when the Guardian Brotherhood came through Hammerfast, but were unfortunately too intoxicated to help with the ghost rats when Bharhash fell through the grate at the bottom of the Stone’s pit and into the sewers.

Since then, Liam’s Brother has traveled to Westfall to participate in Giant’s Feet at the famous Sid’s Salty Seaman, where he hopes to run into the Goliath again and have another go at him.

More recently, Liam’s Brother has been recruited as part of Captain Robert’s crew. He is a deckhand on the Lucky Lady, and was even asked along by Sid when he needed to go to Cragtop to fight off a giant when the rest of the Guardian Brotherhood was still in Vor Rukoth fighting off devils.

Liam & Liam's Brother

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