Mariah Starless

First-mate of the Lucky Lady


Mariah Starless bears the marks of many years at sea – literally. Her entire body, from head to toe, is covered in tattoos and scars and piercings of all kinds. She is a pretty woman, but an acquired taste, to be sure. She has jet-black hair and dark green eyes which she matches with jewelry and baubles of all kinds.


An old acquaintance of Captain Robert, Mariah Starless (or Black Mariah, or Bloody Mary, or a great many other pseudonyms) is a fun-loving and adventurous women. She has spent her entire life at sea – pirating, privateering, exploring, and many other things. She can sail, drink and gamble with the best of them.

She and Robert met about ten years ago when Robert joined on with Mariah’s father’s crew. Her father was a harsh captain, but Robert’s natural sailing acumen won him over, and he and Mariah became fast friends (and, it is rumored, perhaps lovers as well). Their paths since then have led them in different directions, but they always seem to run into each other eventually.

When Robert’s crew was killed by a group of marauding trolls after setting ground at Westfall Harbor, he went to look for Mariah, and sure enough found her. She was acting her usual self – defending a young Bullywug from a group of bullies in a dive bar called Sid’s Salty Seaman. He offered her a place on his ship, as his first-mate, and she accepted on the terms that she could bring along her new Bullywug friend, Tad.

Now, the two of them seem finally headed on the same path together, and headed for a great adventure in the wake of the famous Guardian Brotherhood.

Mariah Starless

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