Ha'Vak Tribe Gnoll Warrior


Nix stands over ten feet tall and carries a cat-o-nine-tails laced with barbed shards of bone and stone. His eyes glow red and his fur is matted with sweat and blood from fighting against minotaur slaves in the Bloodsand Arena.


Always a vicious warrior and leader of gnolls, Nix became even worse after joining up with Kassador, the estranged minotaur shaman. Gifted with unnatural size, strength and power by his new partner, Nix has become even more deranged and psychotic. He spends his days watching his minotaur slaves struggle against each other and the creatures he has captured in the arenas and his evenings drinking and abusing the slaves in the stocks.

He has recently come in contact with Ibaka and the Guardian Brotherhood, when they attempted to interfere with the combat. He fought them back, demonstrating his invulnerability, and taunting them as much as he could.

Unfortunately for Nix, the Guardian Brotherhood are heroes. After their defeat at his hands, Ibaka was sent a vision by the demon Baphomet showing him where to go to get the power required to defeat Nix and Kassador. The minotaur barbarian returned soon after as the Champion of Baphomet and soundly defeated Nix and his master. Where Nix will go from here is anyone’s guess.


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