Shi-Wei Peng

Male Human Monk - MISSING

Wears traditional orange monk robes with a shaved head. While traveling, usually has a water gourd, a simple cloth bag over the shoulder, a conical, straw hat, and a bamboo staff. He’s a little overweight, especially for a monk. Peng is friendly, wise, and naive in the extreme.

Peng grew up in a monastery, raised to be a monk from birth. One day, a monk told him a story of the Peng, a mythical bird so large that the sky could barely hold it up when it flew. It soared so high that the earth almost vanished from its sight, and it could view the east and the west at the same time. He was told that, in order to find the Way, his sight must become like that of the Peng. He was nine at the time, and his grasp of the symbolic was tenuous at best. So, he did the only thing which seemed logical to him. He climbed the highest tree around, a giant cedar that towered over the monastery training grounds. He looked down at everything, trying to see the monastery as the great bird saw the whole of creation. The monks gathered and began to try to encourage him to come down, but he did not want to come down without finding enlightenment. A sudden, violent wind came and shook the tree, and he fell through the branches. Miraculously, he landed with only a few cuts and scrapes. The monk who told him the story of the bird took him to an ant hill and told him that, to the Peng, people looked like ants on the ground. “You watch from here,” he said. “Much safer.” The monks laughed, and from then on, he was known as Peng.

Around his twenty-first year (the monks do not find such age markers significant and keep poor records of them) Peng was sent to Westfall to retrieve an ancient scroll from a man named Wu Chi. Peng was given to understand that the scroll contained great mysteries of their faith and was very important. While this was mostly true, the real reason for the trip was to expose Peng to a portion of the larger world and to get him out of the monks way for a time.

On reaching Westfall, Peng discovered that Wu Chi had been murdered by a man named Ves Heathrow, who was schedualed to be hanged that very day. Disoriented and perplexed, Peng found himself following the crowd to witness this event.

The rest, as they say, is history, and Peng joined the strangest company of individuals he had ever known. For a few short weeks, they fought evil, uncovered mysteries, and protected the innocent. Yet, on an excursion to the Shadowfell to save their elf friend Pilandor, Peng, near death from the day’s fighting, turned up missing overnight. His disappearance remains a mystery, and his forthright and innocent friendship continues to be sorely missed by his surrogate brothers.

Shi-Wei Peng

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