Male Tiefling Informant


Random was unassuming in person. He often wore a thick beard of brown, unkempt hair, which did little to dispel the taunts from those around him. He dressed in plain brown robes and often wore various good luck charms of all sorts. His eyes blazed with a dark red. The horns on his head pushed straight back from his forehead and he kept them quite clean, despite his seeming disinterest to keep the rest of himself presentable.


The town drunk, conspiracy theorist, superstitious nutjob, scoundrel – all of these have been used at various times to, quite accurately, describe the Tiefling named Random.

No one quite knows where he came from or why he made his way to Westfall. But, sure enough, one day he made an entrance at the Salty Seaman that no one could ever forget. Wearing the holy symbol of nearly every deity known (and some that everyone knew were made up), Random was blathering about some kind of floating-head-calamity-thing that was destined to come to Westfall. The regulars just laughed at him, but were amused enough to let him stick around and wait for whatever it was he was waiting for.

Eventually, it showed up in the form of the Guardian Brotherhood.

Random would spend the next several months helping them on their quest, specifically when they needed access or help with a liminal. During this time, Random was able to really get his drinking and his paranoia under control, and he took great pride in the fact that he was proven right on his suspicions.

Random was not a fighter, however. He did not participate in the Defense of Westfall and has not been seen since that day.


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