Captain Robert

Male Human Privateer - Captain of the Lucky Lady


Robert is a thin man, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He dresses like a sailor, loose fitting, layered clothing, and carried a cutlass at his side for when knife-work is required. He is a loud man, bragging often about the exciting things he has done in his life, but is also quite charming to those who know him well.


Robert is a sailor through and through. His entire life has been spent running through the docks and decks and learning to clean jobs and climb masts. His father was a sailor and his grandfather was a sailor. Before that his family’s history was unknown, but he was sure they went back as far as there were ships to sail on.

Robert wanted nothing more than to be on the sea, trading and exploring. But the aftermath of the War made things hard, and he was unable to turn a profit legitimately. Uninterested in the pirating life, Robert instead turned to privateering. It wasn’t perfect, but he soon learned that he was actually pretty good with a blade.

He worked his way up the crew ladder, and eventually got his own ship, the Lucky Lady, after the death of his captain. He set port in Westfall where he planned to stock up on supplies and find a new charter, or maybe even some cargo, but he would not be so lucky.

Just a few hours later, a longboat full of trolls wrecked into the docks of Westfall, and the Lady happened to be the closest vessel to them. They attacked with such ferocity, that Robert and his crew had little chance against them. But, it was just then that help arrived.

A group of adventurers, calling themselves the Guardian Brotherhood, arrived and fought off the trolls, saving Robert’s ship in the process. So grateful was he that he offered them a ride anywhere they needed to go once he was able to bring on a new crew.

Captain Robert

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