Female Half-Orc, Leader of the Watch


As a Half-orc, Rosemary was large of stature. She had broad shoulders and an athletic build. Her skin was very slightly tinted green and a set of small incisors protruded from her under bite. She had very black hair and eyes that matched. She wore her regulation Watch chainmail nearly everywhere she went and carried a battleaxe around as her weapon of choice.


Rosemary was well known and well respected during her tenure as head of the Watch of Westfall. Aside from being the first woman to take the job, she also took a leading role in the training of new recruits, which lead to a very organized and standard method for their instruction. She was a teacher and a soldier, and often considered one of the best leaders the Watch had ever had.

She was close friends with Bharhash of the Guardian Brotherhood growing up. They went through training together and both learned a lot from Hashsaik. She was personally very saddened when Bharhash was decommissioned, and did her best to help him out in his role as a citizen. When word of the Heathrow murders got out, she instructed the Watch to give the Guardian Brotherhood a lot of leeway in their unofficial investigation and, in fact, gave the orders for the Watch to clear out the Heathrow Tomb which led to the Brotherhood’s first big lead on their quest.

Over the next few months, she did what she could to help them, but she met her end during the Defense of Westfall. With the Brotherhood lured away from the city, she was the only one really capable of organizing a force to fight the Redcloaks. She did ask for the assistance of the crippled Hashsaik, and he fought alongside her as well he could, but she eventually fell fighting in the Salty Seaman, of all places.

She would go down in history as one of the true heroes of Westfall.

Rosemary was at once proud and humble. She was a leader, and knew what it took to get people to follow her orders: respect and discipline. She devoted her life to the service of Westfall, quite literally. She understood the value of order and law, but also knew that sometimes it held her back. She was an ally of the Guardian Brotherhood, despite their pseudo-vigilante approach to things – she simply understood they could get things done that she could not, and was willing to take advantage of that to do her job better.


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