Gauth Collector, Henchman


Physically, Spilth looks a lot like the beholder he will eventually become, if he lives long enough in the company of his new companions to gain that status; he is a floating glob of flesh and eyestalks capable of blinding gaze attacks. Spilth, however, is not as ferocious as a typical beholder. He smiles often, and his eyestalks tend to wander instead of the deadly focus common among his fully grown kin.


Living in the Mushroom Caves underneath the city of Lost Fort, the Gauth Spilth lived a simple life for many years. He would watch the people of the town, learning their names and relations and desperately wished to join them, though he dared not due to his beholder lineage.

Occasionally things from above would fall through the grates in the sewers, or adventurers would drop things on their delves into the Mushroom Caves. Spilth enjoyed collecting these things, as they made him feel like he had a real connection to the aboveground, as he calls it.

However, recently a nasty group of marauding trolls has taken over Lost Fort, driving back the people there that Spilth enjoys watching so much. Coincidentally (or, Spilth believes, perhaps not so coincidentally) a group of adventurers made their way into his cave looking for a lost item. Sensing his chance to do something for the people aboveground, Spilth offered his collection to the adventurers in exchange for letting him come along and help the people of Lost Fort.


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