Courageous Bullywug ally of the Guardian Brotherhood


Tad is a young Bullywug. He stands just shorter than a normal human, with slimy green skin and large bulbous eyes. He wears simple clothing, that he can move around easily in, and carries a long spear as a weapon to ward off any dangerous creatures in the swamp.


Tad lived a simple life in the Vast Swamp. He was the son of Gulj, the chief of his tribe, and most of his day was spent scouting the nearby camp of Lizardfolk. He never had dreams of his own, except perhaps involving his next meal, so he found himself quite befuddled when a real life group of adventurers came through his small corner of the world.

He had heard of adventurers, of course. Some said the statues at the old temple were once adventurers before the Lizardfolks basilisk turned them into stone. But he had never seen any, and never expected to.

But, when the Guardian Brotherhood came through the swamp on their way to the Bloodred Mountain beyond, he knew this was his chance to learn about life outside. He lead a small group of young Bullywugs to the adventurers’ camp while they slept and ambushed them in the middle of the night. He wasn’t sure why he did it, he just thought it was the only way he could get them to teach him about their ways.

When the adventurers fought back, though, Tad knew he’d made a mistake. He came up with a story about how his father wanted to see them immediately, and he led them back to his tribe.

His father tried to cover for his naive son, and asked the adventurers to take care of the Lizardfolk nearby. He offered all the gold he had, and to all of the Bullywugs surprise, the adventurers agreed! And what’s more, Tad got to follow along to be their guide!

He stayed close to them, eager to prove he could pull his weight. They fought several of the Lizardfolk and finally made their way through the old stone village to the temple where the statues were. They killed the basilisk there.

One of the adventurers learned that his father was one of the statues and the Bullywugs helped prepare a ritual to remove the petrification from him.

Now, Tad dreams of the day when he can meet back up with his friends and tag along for another exciting adventure!


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