Toldin Coldiron

Dwarven High Priest of Bahamut, Head of the Allied Church of Westfall


Toldin is an old dwarf, with long grey hair and a thick, matching beard. He wears the trappings of a cleric of Bahamut, though his adventuring days are long behind him now. He still, out of pure nostalgia, carries around his favorite warhammer.


Before the War against the Gnolls, Toldin Coldiron was an accomplished adventurer and treasure hunter. He was valued among the adventurers of his day for his healing touch and his capable technique with a warhammer, though the War brought about and end to his promising career.

He volunteered to help on the front line, keeping the troops there patched up and ready for duty. It was exhausting for him, and when the fighting was all over, he was quite ready to be done with such violence forever. He retired, quite wealthy, and became a priest of Bahamut. He quickly rose through the clerical hierarchy and now serves as the high priest of Bahamut, the leader of the Allied Church, and has a seat on the City Council of Westfall.

Toldin Coldiron

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