Male Illithid Cult Leader


Like all Illithid, Ulth had a face full of writhing tentacles. He tended to wear dark colors, and a pendant with the warding symbol of the Far Realm scrawled on it. He was devious and cunning, but suffered from a severe case of hubris. Despite his continual failures to defeat the Guardian Brotherhood, he refused to accept fate, and it ended up being his ultimate downfall.


Ulth was the high priest of a cult that worshipped a Far Realm deity called the Devourer. Little was known about him, other than he wanted nothing more than to release the Devourer upon the world and create a perfectly insane version of the material plane that all Illithids could roam free, with plenty of cattle to graze upon as they wished.

It is unknown when he began his planning, or when he came across a document called the Devourer Prophecy, but Ulth decided it would be in his best interest to make sure these prophecies never came true, and did what he felt necessary to make his plan happen.

He murdered a noble named Ves Heathrow, who was already connected to a few of the subjects he had identified from the prophecy, and had his pet intellect devourer take over Heathrow’s body and go on a killing spree, with the goal of gaining the attention of the other subjects he had identified. He wanted to gather them all in one place where he could finish them off once and for all – the execution of their greatest enemy, Ves Heathrow.

When they were all gathered in the town square, Ulth sent his Redcloaks, along with a deadly Hezrou demon, to kill these five people, but what Ulth never realized was that this act had exactly the opposite effect he was going for. Instead of killing them, he united them, and they banded together to solve the mystery of the murders committed by Ves Heathrow under a common name – the Guardian Brotherhood.

Ulth would try again and again to kill the Guardian Brotherhood, but was never successful.
He sent agents into the Shadowfell to recruit some of the Shadar-kai. He had agents in the Feywild where he figured they would be safest from being detected. He did everything possible to keep the prophecy from coming true, but it was fate that had the final say.

Ulth was able to lure the Guardian Brotherhood away from Westfall, leaving his second-in-command to fend them off, while he set his own men against the city. He was trying to buy enough time to perform the rituals to summon the Devourer, but in the end, the Guardian Brotherhood caught up with him just before he completed it, and they slew him in the same spot where Ves Heathrow had been executed. The incomplete ritual summoned only the head of the Devourer, which was not enough to defeat the heroes of Westfall and they were able to keep the city of Westfall safe from the Far Realm’s intrusion.


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