Ves Heathrow

Male Human Noble


Ves had long, dark hair and dark sunken eyes. He dressed extravagantly, and often carried a rapier at his side, as he saw it as a dignified weapon for someone of his station. He carried himself arrogantly, and was often followed by a few of his more thuggish friends.

As a flameskull, Ves appeared as just a floating skull, wreathed by magical green flames. There was a large gash cutting through his right eye socket from where Sid cleaved him in combat when his body was being used as a walking shield for one of Ulth’s priests.


Ves Heathrow is the reason there is a Guardian Brotherhood today, and was the “catalyst” for the events leading up to the Defense of Westfall.

Ves was the son of a major noble family in Westfall. They were extremely influential in the decisions of the city council and his father was well on his way toward attaining his goal of the leader of the council.

Ves himself was less ambitious – content to bully others and generally act like the snob that so many people expected him to be. He was rich and he treated others as if they were lower than he, and he had only a few close friends, who all happened to be in the same economic bracket that he was.

Growing up, he was natural rivals with Cherith Wytherthorn, who tended to act as a foil for Ves. The two saw things very differently, and Ves had little trouble disliking the half-elf because of his insistence on treating everyone equally.

Just a few months before the Defense, Ves was murdered by agents of the Illithid Ulth and his body was taken over by the mind flayer’s pet intellect devourer. Ves was then forced to murder several people around Westfall, chosen at random, to rouse the suspicions of any of the subjects of the Devourer Prophecy so that Ulth could get them out of the way before they became a nuisance. As it turned out, each of the soon-to-be heroes had a reason to dislike Ves on their own and his execution by hanging only worked to unify them into a single cause.

Eventually, Ves’ skull would be used to create a flameskull, which was given to Ulth’s second-in-command to use when they lured the Guardian Brotherhood away from Westfall for their final attack on the city. After the flameskull’s defeat, Ves was able to free his own spirit and contacted the Guardian Brotherhood at the Salty Seaman during the Defense of Westfall to offer his aid. He merged his spirit with Bharhash, giving them enough aid to defeat the Devourer once it was summoned (on the very same spot where Ves was killed) and he was finally able to let go of the material plane that was holding him back.

Ves Heathrow was not a hero, but he had finally been cleared for the murders his body was forced to commit.

Ves Heathrow

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