The Heroes of Westfall

The Guardian Brotherhood - Intro
Where I Catch Everyone Up On The Story So Far

Three Dee

The Guardian Brotherhood, as a campaign, has been ongoing since sometime in late September, 2009. It started as a chance to play Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition with some friends, and has since become something of a passion project for me. I’ve spent countless hours (and, frankly, dollars) making this campaign something the guys in my group will remember for a long time, and I couldn’t be happier than I am so far.

I’m about to head over to play another session tonight, and I’ll start the official game logs tomorrow, probably, but for now, read the wiki entry on the Guardian Brotherhood to get caught up on the story so far. It has a pretty good summary of what they have done, and where they are now and should be a pretty good lead-in to tonight’s action for anyone who is unfamiliar with the story thus far (i.e. anyone who isn’t in the group personally).

So, thanks. See you next time.

The Guardian Brotherhood - Ahoy!
Where The Guardian Brotherhood Recruits A Motley Crew

All Hands on Deck!

The Guardian Brotherhood got the information they sought from Khash, and quickly made their way to the docks to speak with Captain Robert about booking passage aboard the Lucky Lady. Robert was more than happy to help them get where they needed to go, and told them they could ship off the next morning, after recruiting enough crew members to properly operate the ship.

He had already recruited a first-mate, he told them, and she was bringing a friend a long, so they only needed to recruit three more deck hands before the day was over.

They made their way to Sid’s Salty Seaman, where they knew they could find suitably gruff sailors for their purpose. Instantly they met Liam’s Brother, who quickly volunteered his services as well as another old sailor named Phillip. Gimblewig’s cousin needed work, so they brought him along, and they had a fully crewed ship!

They made their way back to the Lady, where Robert introduced them to his old friend Mariah Starless and her companion, Tad! After a warm greeting, where Tad was able to show off his ability to speak in broken common, the Lady was just about ready to sail. Robert spent the rest of the evening with the crew, getting the ship in order, and the next morning they shoved off toward Blackrock Island.

Sailing wasn’t smooth, though. On the second day of their journey, they spotted what appeared to be a massive murder of crows in the distance – moving quickly straight toward them! These were no ordinary crows, however, as Pilindor identified it as a flock of Blood Ravens. And, hidden inside the flock of birds were two Pale Kenku Wing Mages – sent from the Raven Queen no doubt!

They fought off the attacking birds, and as a way to work off extra steam from the fight, they rigged a Giant’s Feet board across the front and middle masts as a way to pass the time (and, likely as an excuse to drink) while they had no duties to perform. Most of the crew participated, but Mariah came out as the final victor of the day.

Next stop, Blackrock Island!

The Guardian Brotherhood - Coyote's Refuge
Where The Heroes Travel, Talk, And Recruit A New Ally To Their Cause

The Guardian Brotherhood Doing What They Do

The Guardian Brotherhood made it safely to Flamebrow Harbor on Blackrock Island after almost two weeks at sea. They gave their thanks to Robert and Mariah and bid them farewell until they were able to make it back to Westfall (hopefully by finding a teleportation circle of some kind).

Their first stop was the fort, where Bharhash hoped to find his second-in-command Hodor waiting for him. Instead, they found the volunteer guard Seth watching things in Hodor’s stead. Seth explained that Hodor was traveling, somewhere in between the harbor and the ancient ruins of Vor Rukoth.

So, Bharhash and his comrades set out for the ruins.

After a day’s travel, the came upon an old campsite near a circle of stone plinths. Curious, they cautiously approached, and were hardly surprised when it turned out to be an ambush set by a War Devil and his troop of Spine Devils and Legion Devils. They fought off the fiends fairly easily, and decided to comandeer the camp for their own purposes for the night, but not before Sid located a pair of dimensional shackles in one of the tents.

The next morning they headed to the small camp outside the ruins, Coyote’s Refuge, and looked for both Hodor and a guide to lead them to the shrine of the Raven Queen.

They located Hodor in the Canteen, talking with the Tiefling shopowner Inferna, and they were able to haggle a deal with the Thri-Kreen guide Kilnik for passage to and from the catacombs. They set out immediately, and almost on cue, they encountered a roving band of undead chasing a poor adventurer as they entered the city’s gates.

They dispatched with the zombies, and prepared themselves for whatever might lay ahead of them in the ancient ruins of Vor Rukoth.

The Guardian Brotherhood - Infernal Fens
Where Bharhash Makes A Deal With The Raven Queen

Severe Focus

The Guardian Brotherhood, having entered the ruins of Vor Rukoth, had Kilnik lead them directly to the Infernal Fens, underneath which lay the Shrine to the Raven Queen.

An old crumbling structure stood inside the Fens, and the heroes cautiously entered, and were immediately attacked by a group of vicious undead. They fought them back, and Cherith blazed a path for them through the grasping brambles that chokes the Fens.

They smashed through the door of the Shrine and went down the spiral staircase to the catacombs below. They first spotted a large magical rune in the middle of the floor surrounded by several lit pyres. They approached and were again attacked by the undead. As they fought, Sid crossed over the symbol and the hulking form of the Marut Rahm appeared, glaring at Bharhash.

Bharhash engaged the Marut during combat, learning that the interdimensional creature had no intent to attack them, and the Brotherhood finished off the combat before starting conversation with Rahm.

The Marut explained that his services had been requested by the Raven Queen to track down Bharhash and either force him to balance the scales of Death (by agreeing to serve as a vassal to the Raven Queen) or to kill him. Bharhash chose the former, and the Marut gave them his first task – to clear the ruins of the devils to make it safer for the dead under the Raven Queen’s care.

Rahm told them that the leader of the devils made his lair in the Nightmare Forges, and they decided to take a rest before beginning their investigation that direction.

Meanwhile, Sid and Spilth parted ways to take the Blade of Kai-Tan back to So-Tur in Westfall.

The New Heroes - A Beginning
In Which A New Group Of Heroes Begins Their Journey Together

Fargrimm Surrounded

Erick Greenbough was in trouble. Because of the bandit trouble on the roads around Westfall the Watch was forced to send reinforcements to help the Foresters. Because the Watch was so spread out, brigands and thieves inside the city walls were free to be more brazen in their criminal exploits. Erick was one of their victims – a group of bandits had broken into his estate and stolen a lot of money from his family, as well as an heirloom sword that had hung above his front door for as long as he could remember.

He sent out a call for help, and it arrived in the form of four want-to-be adventurers:

Anna, the Bugbear rogue.
Fargrimm Anvildoom, the Dwarf warden.
Silence Undergrowth, the human seeker.
Verdan of the Wrathwood, the Wilden shaman.

He led this makeshift group to the bandits’ hideout in the Lower Block, where they forced their way in (thanks to a well placed swarm of bats by Silence) and made their way to the basement, where they defeated the bandits and their canine enforcers and took back what rightfully belonged to Erick and his family.

He paid them, and allowed them to keep the money (plus, a magical suit of leather armor) that they found on the bandits they defeated.

The Guardian Brotherhood - Devils' Lair
Where The Adventure Was Cut Short

War Devil Counters

While Bharhash recited the names of the twenty-seven men he killed over the shrine of the Raven Queen, the Guardian Brotherhood took a rest and prepared for their trip to the Devils’ Lair in the Nightmare Forges. Sid took his leave of the group, taking Spilth with him, to return the Blade of Kai-Tan to So-Tur in Westfall.

When they were rested up, the rest of the Brotherhood headed to an old smithy, which Rahm the Marut told them was where they could find Myzos, the leader of the devils.

The building was built right into the side of the mountains surrounding the city, and the only option the Brotherhood had was to bust down the door and attack from the front. They did so, and they fought their way through the first room, killing several Legion Devils, a few Spine Devils and another War Devil during the combat. There was another room farther beyond, and they took a short rest to prepare for their next challenge.

The New Heroes - The Hearth Grove
In Which Our Heroes Slaughter Some Goblins

Gobbo Sniper

Our Heroes, after their adventure with Erick Greenbough, decided to continue working together and took on a job from the leader of the Foresters, the elf Birian Iliador.

The Hearth Grove in the Wrathwood had been taken over by a vicious group of goblins. Birian needed the grove cleared so the druids could continue their rituals which keep the trade routes safe. They traveled a few days to the woods and slowly approached the clearing.

A small group of sentries were posted outside the druids’ home and Anna sliently snuck up on them to get the jump on the goblins. The group jumped into the clearing and were able to dispatch them quickly, without them letting their comrades below know of the attack.

They then snuck into the underground home of the druids and again slowly snuck up and took out the group quickly, with Silence unleashing a deadly swarm of bats to hinder their opponents’ movement. They were able to finish them off and take a quick look around the complex, finding a small room where the druids did their meditation, and they decided to take advantage of its mystical properties before moving on to more rooms.

The Guardian Brotherhood - Big Trouble in Little Cragtop
Where The Story Shifted Focus, Briefly

While the The Guardian Brotherhood continued their fight against the devils in Vor Rukoth, Sid broke off from his friends and went to return the Blade of Kai-Tan to So-Tur, who he was supposed to meet in Westfall.

Upon arriving in the teleportation room, however, Sid found Tad waiting for him and urging him to follow him to the Lucky Lady, where Robert held a sealed envelope addressed to the Goliath. The letter was from So-Tur asking Sid to bring the blade and some help to Cragtop, because they were having “giant problems”.

Robert told Sid he could choose three of the crewmembers to follow him, and after a brief fight with the moneylender Rhesh the Shark, who Robert apparently owed money to, Sid took Tad, Liam’s Brother and Mariah to the Goliath village to see what was needed of them.

They learned that for the last few months, a Frost Titan had been appearing in the middle of town looking for something, and then vanishing moments later when it did not find what it wanted. Apparently, what it was looking for was the Blade of Kai-Tan because when Sid showed up with the weapon, so did the Titan, who seemed very intent upon claiming it.

After a fight with the huge creature, Sid and his temporary companions were rewarded by the Goliath elders with a bag of magical dust and Sid was asked to permanently carry the Blade of Kai-Tan, as it seemed to be safest in his care.

The New Heroes - Underneath Westfall
In Which Our Heroes Finish One Job and Start a New One

Having rested and recuperated in the steam room, the New Heroes continued farther into the Hearth Grove to clear out the rest of the invading goblins.

They found their way into a small chapel area, where a goblin seemed to be giving some sort of speech, and they quickly dispatched of him and his audience, but not before learning that some of these goblins now had bottles of alchemical toxins to throw at them! Fargrimm, with the help of Verdan’s spiritual companion, held them off while the rest of the group picked them off at distance.

Across the hall, they found the barracks, where several goblins were sleeping. They stormed the room, but not before one of the goblins was able to mount his wolf (who was sleeping at the foot of the bed), and the rider almost made it back out of the Grove, but Silence was able to slow him enough that the group caught up and defeated him.

On their way out, they ran into a returning raiding party, and quickly dispatched them as well.

Once back in Westfall, they collected their money from Birian Iliador and headed back to the Mended Drum to see if there was any more work to be done.

When they got there, they met a Githzerai Avenger named Kelseir, and while getting to know their new friend, the Inn was attacked by a group of kobolds from the basement, which the group quickly dispatched.

The bartender, a solemn man named Talbot, asked if they wouldn’t mind checking the basement for more of the creatures, and they found a grate to the sewer below the city open, which they descended into to make sure all was safe.

As it turned out, there were a lot more kobolds down in the sewer. Led by a kobold rat master, the small creatures attacked the party and nearly killed both Anna and Kelseir before the heroes were able to finish off the small reptilians. They decided to head back up to the inn for a rest before plunging any farther into the sewers.

The Guardian Brotherhood - Devils' Lair, Part Two
Where the Heroes Go Deeper into Enemy Territory

The Guardian Brotherhood pressed on past the ante-chamber in the blacksmith shop where the devils had made their headquarters, into a cave blasted into the side of the mountain walls surrounding Vor Rukoth.

Inside they found a few more War Devils, a nasty Shocktroop Devil (who nearly killed Ibaka) and their legion devil minions. The Guardian Brotherhood hood fought their way through to the back chamber where they found something new alltogether.

In the final, small chamber was a large bone tower, nearly fifteen feet high. At the very top was perched the imp they had seen in the ante-chamber, shouting directions at two Spine Devils and two Chain Devils. When the Guardian Brotherhood showed up, he ordered them to attack, and a fight broke out.

It was quick, but deadly. The chain devils focused on the ranged fighters, trying to tie them down so they couldn’t run from their far reach, while the Spine Devils shot their poisonous quills at the melee fighters, trying to slow them down. It didn’t work for the devils, and eventually they were killed, save for the imp who turned invisible and disappeared shortly into the combat.

As they searched the room afterward, the Guardian Brotherhood found a small, locked chest underneath the bone tower.


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