The island-continent of Avalona was once known as the Crown Jewel of the Nerathi Empire. It was not only the largest island on the ocean, it also was home to the largest city, Westfall, and one of the Empire’s major training locations, Lost Fort.

The island itself was made mostly of desert, all located on the east side of the Blue Mountains. However, the fertile river valley on the west coast was a prime location for logging, farming, ranching and there were many very good bays that could be used as harbors. The north coast of the island was almost entirely mountainous, and hardly useable for much, though many dwarves, gnomes and goliaths found it quite suitable as a home away from the big cities.

The desert itself was home to many savage bands of marauders, taking advantage of anyone foolhardy enough to travel across the wasteland. Native tribes of Thri-kreen roamed free here, and stayed mostly neutral during the War with the Gnolls.

Since the War, most of the cities have fallen into disrepair, of sorts. Westfall is the best off, as there are plenty of people still interested in its security, but other towns like Lost Fort, Logrun, and the far north city of Lastend have all seen much better times.

Avalona is fairly centrally located on the ocean, and is easily accessed from many other close-by islands like Blackrock, Lonely, and Rhoka.


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