House Rules

Every group has their own House Rules that they implement when they game, and ours is no different. Here is just a page to consolidate them all together, for the players’ reference, and for anyone else who might be curious how we do things differently in our game.


To me, the most important thing about playing D&D is having fun. Not a novel concept, I know, but it is something I strictly hold to as a DM. If my players are bored or frustrated, then I feel I am doing something wrong.

Something I’ve done to make the game more fun for them is to reward instant XP. After every fight I calculate XP, and they get to add it to their characters immediately. If they gain enough to level up, then they get to level up immediately. I’ve never been a big fan of having to wait to level up a character if they have earned it in game, so I’ve adopted what I like to call the Final Fantasy Rule.

It does mean that the players have to have an extra character sheet handy, in case they do reach the next level, but this is something they seem to enjoy, being able to instantly be more effective in a fight than they were in the encounter just previous.

It’s a small thing, but it’s something I enjoy giving to them as a DM.


House Rules

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