New Heroes of Westfall

Three years after the Defense of Westfall, Erick Greenbough placed an ad for adventurers looking for work. He needed help retrieving a family heirloom from a group of bandits, and the group he assembled (as motley as they were), were eager for the fame, money, and thrill that came along with that kind of work: Anna the female Bugbear rogue, Fargrimm Anvildoom the Dwarf warden, Silence Undergrowth the human seeker, and Verdan of the Wrathwood the Wilden shaman (and his badger spiritual companion).

They stormed the hideout of the bandits and fought through them, down the stairs into the basement and soundly defeated them, helping Erick reclaim his property and forming a bond that would come to last a long time as they became the newest heroes of Westfall.

Shortly after their first adventure, they found employment with the leader of the Foresters, Birian Iliador, who needed help clearing a druids’ grove of the goblins that had infested it. He offered them 250 gp each for completing the job, and they set off for the Wrathwood.

Once at the Hearth Grove, they found a small group of goblins guarding the druids’ old home underground. They fought through those goblins and down into the old complex where they fought another similar group in the main community room, where they also found the meditation room and took a short rest while they let the vapors from the boiling pot work it’s magic on them as they prepared to delve deeper and fight more goblins.

After clearing out the Grove, they returned to Westfall to recuperate. While relaxing at the Mended Drum (with their new Githzerai friend Kelseir), the inn was attacked by a group of Kobolds coming up from the cellar below. The group fought them off, and went down to the basement below to investigate whether there were any more waiting.

In the sewers below Westfall, they found a whole clutch of kobolds.

- Anna, female Bugbear rogue
- Fargrimm Anvildoom, male Dwarf warden
- Kelseir, male Githzerai avenger
- Silence Undergrowth, male Human seeker
- Verdan of the Wrathwood, male Wilden shaman

New Heroes of Westfall

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