Sid's Salty Seaman

Originally called just the Salty Seaman, but renamed after the Defense of Westfall to honor the hero of the docks, Sid’s Salty Seaman (or the Triple S, if your sensibilities couldn’t handle the alliteration) was a very popular dive bar in the Lower Block of Westfall that had been around as long as anyone could remember.

The original builder was long forgotten, as the bar had been passed through many hands over the years (mostly due to high stakes gambling games or debts owed to various unscrupulous folk), but the same patrons would come back every day for the cheap libations and good times to be had, if you were brave enough to go inside in the first place.

Physically, there was little to separate the Seaman from many of the other dive bars in Westfall. It was old, moldy and smelled bad, but it was hard to ignore the unique charm it seemed to hold.

The most distinguishing feature of the bar was the hole in the middle of the floor. Leaving the crashing waves exposed just beneath the floor, the hole (which, it should be noted, was left open intentionally) was used to end many a bar fight, and most recently as a pit for the game Giant’s Feet which was brought down from a bar in the nearby dwarf city of Hammerfast.

Most recently, the Seaman has been used as a hangout of sorts for the Guardian Brotherhood while they are in the Lower Block of Westfall. This is where they first met Random, as well as making some of their initial inquiries when they first banded together to solve the mystery of the Heathrow murders. They have used it more than once as a battleground, several times fighting off the mysterious redcloaks there, including a particularly tough fight during the Defense of Westfall.

It should also be noted that the Seaman was the location where Rosemary, Leader of the Watch of Westfall, died making a last stand during the Defense. The Guardian Brotherhood found her body there, during the battle, and despite the fact that she had arrested pretty much every regular that frequented the bar, they now drink to her honor once a week as a way of remembering one of the great heroes of Westfall.

The bar is currently being operated by Hairy Shirley, a large human and old friend of Sid’s.

Sid's Salty Seaman

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