Priestess of the Raven Queen


Jovia is a young, plain human woman. She has long black hair and dark eyes, and is more often than not covered in dirt. She is uneducated and naïve, and eager to learn, but her lifestyle abides her few chances to do anything of the sort.


Jovia wasn’t a follower of the Raven Queen her whole life. In fact, just a few years ago she was a devoted acolyte of Moradin, eager to do his will in the small town she grew up in. She took an apprenticeship with a blacksmith, and though not particularly skilled at metal working, she strived hard to be the best at it she could be.

Her master was an old dwarf named Herm. He was firm with her and she grew to resent his overbearing nature. He was overly critical of her and drove her to tears often, despite her best efforts at the craft.

One night, Jovia was called to his house to learn that he had died of old age. Not particularly sad, Jovia entered the house to see him. As he lay there, she found herself particularly fascinated at how dead he was. She offered to bury him in the local cemetery, and as she did so she found herself surrounded by an increasingly large murder of crows. She had been called to the service of a new deity.

She now serves Westfall as the primary gravedigger for the cemetery in the Upper Block. She lives a humble life in service to the Lady of Death, and many find her rather odd. There are many things she still wishes to see and experience, though she feels it is unlikely she will ever really make anything of herself.

Recently, she was visited by the Guardian Brotherhood, who were looking for advice on a mark that appeared on the Dragonborn Bharhash. Jovia was unable to help, but directed them to the tomb of Khash, the Death Knight, to see what he had to offer.


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