Dragonborn Death Knight, Servant of the Raven Queen


Khash now appears as the skeleton of a Dragonborn, wearing a shiny set of plate armor. He carries a longsword that glows red. In life, they say Khash was even more terrifying to behold than he is in death.


The legendary Dragonborn warrior-turned-Death Knight Khash now lies buried underneath the city of Westfall. In his service to the Raven Queen, Khash did many great things, and was rewarded with the gift of immortality – the rarest of the Raven Queen’s gifts. He carefully chose his current resting place, believing it to be crucial to some important event, and he wants to be present when it happens.

His tomb is guarded by many dangerous skeletons, given life through the powers of the Lady of Death. And the cemetery his mausoleum is in is watched over by a priestess named Jovia, who Khash has never met, nor particularly ever cares to.

He was recently visited by the Guardian Brotherhood, who were looking for a way to rid their comrade Bharhash of the mark left over his right eye. Khash told them it was difficult, and dangerous to attempt its removal, but that if they didn’t the Raven Queen would not stop sending her servants until the marked one was dead. He told them of a location on the island of Blackrock near the ancient city Vor Rukoth where they might be able to do exactly what they are trying to do.


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