Male Goliath Ruffian


So-Tur is an absolutely huge Goliath. He stands over eight feet tall, and has many dark mottles on his skin. He carries an absolutely enormous axe on his back, and is constantly followed by an entourage of weaker, brown-nosing Goliaths.


So-Tur is a Goliath who works for a mysterious group he calls the Elders. They work out of a Goliath city deep in the Blue Mountains called Cragtop, where the legendary Goliath soldier Kai-Tan was said to have been born.

So-Tur, despite his protests on the matter, was given the responsibility of handing over the Blade of Kai-Tan (the most precious Goliath artifact) to Sid, who was deemed by the Elders as the only Goliath worthy enough to carry it into battle. So-Tur was convinced the Elders were wrong, but did his duty and delivered the weapon to Sid at Sid’s Salty Seaman, not coincidentally when Sid was extremely intoxicated – and fittingly, Sid has no memory of this event happening, though it has been corroborated by many people he trusts.

Almost a year later, So-Tur resurfaced, demanding Sid return the Blade so he can take it back to the Elders. Sid no longer had it, and had no memory of it. Angry, So-Tur gave Sid an ultimatum: have it back in one month or he would exact justice on Sid for his mishandling of Goliath history.


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