Lucky Lady

The Lucky Lady has a long and storied history as a ne’er-do-well pirate vessel. It’s captains and crew over the years have all met with less than glorious ends, yet it never seems to go long without being manned. Many young pirates, looking to make a name for themselves, have agreed to give it a go – all with depressingly similar results.

The most recent captain of the Lady is a man who simply goes by the name Captain Robert. He is eager to captain the ship and had many ambitious plans for her before his crew met their inevitable end while in port in the busy trade port of Westfall.

In an attempt to recrew his ship he has contacted his old friend, and possible lover, Mariah Starless and is feverishly working to get the Lady back in the sea lanes.

Captain: Captain Robert
First-mate: Mariah Starless
Bos’n: Sid
Quartermaster: Cherith Wytherthorn
Gunner 1: Ibaka
Gunner 2: Bharhash
Carpenter: Gimblewig Fizzlebottle
Cook/Surgeon: Pilindor Corunir
Hand: Liam’s Brother
Hand: Tad
Hand: Gimblewig’s Cousin
Hand: Phillip



Sailing ship

Lucky Lady

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